Instructor: Claire Condon Marquis

What is Robotics?

Smart Car using Ardunio computer chip boards. The Advance Computer class will be learning how to build and program this car. 

Robotic Competition - 2017 - 10th grade Computer Apps and 12th Grade Advance Computer. Overall winner of the 1st vs 7th period - 7th period. Overall winner for the teams was 7.2 - Erin Herbison, Mary Kinsley Jenkins, Ben Whalen, Zach Barkman, and Bryant Armstrong. Way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our annual Robotic Competition: The winners are: Team 7.6 - Kayleigh Lindsay, Faith Jenkins, Lillie Thornton, Joanna Aguzzi, and Sam Capps. Click on pictures below. This was a competition against 1st period and 7th period Computer Applications class. 

Getting ready for competition 2016-2017. Each robot has to collect the most boxes in a 3 minute frame. Enjoy......

1st and 7th period Robotics class is learning about gears. driver, follower, and idler gears. They are learning how to program a medium motor to rotate the gears to open and close arms. They have to program their robots to move through an obstacle course carrying a bottle.  

Water Bottle Maze - Teams have to program their robots to run through a maze. The following videos will be 1st - 5th place winners of the 1st period Computer Apps class. Good luck students. 

1st Period Computer Apps Class - 1st Place winners: Lindsey Steadman, Addison Upton, and Meredith Wessel. 

1st Period Computer Apps Class- 2nd Place winners: Nick Brown, Hayden Milbrand, Will Roberts, and Matthew Scott. 

The 1st & 7th period Robotics class - learning to program the robot to throw 4 different size balls. They had to learn the impact of gravity on weight with the movement of an object. Learning how to change the variables to fit the different balls with motor speed.

The Robotics class programmed each robot to write a letter to form a word - "COLTS"

Our New Maze - thank you Zach, Cody, and Riley for helping me make this for our robotic table.