Computer Apps class is competing against each other in an open design. Good Luck!

We are kicking off our Robotic’s Class 2018-2019

The Computer Apps Class 2018-2019 

Project "2050 Computer" 

The students are learning the different parts of the inside of a computer. Their project is to build a computer and devices for the year 2050. The will make a marketing plan to sell these products and a presentation for their work.  Please click on the pictures below to see the different teams. Stay tune for their progress on this project. Good Luck!!!!

2017-2018 Classes

"Dancing with the Robots" project

The students coded a program for their robots to dance for 1 minute. The students had a competition today. We hope you enjoy the dances!

Team 2.2 and 2.4 - Emma Short, Lance Dalton, Samuel Denton, Natalie Jenkins. Addie Hawkins, Christian Hancock, Mary Claire Martin, Will Floyd, Susan Horton, Noah Marquis, Sydney Ray Kittrell, and Harrison Seeley. 

Teams. 2.1 & 2. 3: J. T. Aguzzi, Travis Coopwood, Gracie Crowe, Mary Scott Lofton, Reed Upchurch, Sydney Davis, Laila Byas, Harden Belvedresi, Gilbert Lopaz, Caroline Hendon, and Clay Taylor. 

Team 7.1 & 7.3 - Brett Burrell, Anna Dill, Rachael Scucchi, Megan Thomas, Conner Storey, Madison Jenkins, Zoie Murphree, Chris Bright, Q. Williams, and Abbi Bowen.

Team 7.2 & 7.4 - Bella Kurts, Gracen Hendon, Reilly Kate Lack, Logan Ray, Griff Black, Reagan Pitts, Kellar Otts, Kressie Lindsey, Kassi Bowen, Connor Van Vulpen, and Tucker Stewart. 

Computer Apps Class getting ready for Robotics. Day #1.. THE BUILD 

Computer Apps class reading to the elementary side with the book they wrote and illustrated.

Computer Apps 2nd & 7th period - Halloween Book for the Elementary 

"How To" Lessons being presented by the teams. 

Building a 3D model of a computer. Computer Apps Classroom  

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The students are programming their robots to travel through a maze. 

The students are learning how to write CODE in Computer Application's class. They are learning how to add movement, sound, and special effects to an item.

Dr. Granville trying to play a ping pong game that a student coded. 

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Instructor: Claire Condon Marquis

Computer Applications Project - The students have been studying the internal parts of a computer. They are designing a 3-D computer for the year 2050. The have to build and label the motherboard. They are working in teams of 3-4. Each team is working on a PowerPoint presentation to sell their design to the public. Each presentation and model will be voted on. The winning team from each period  will win a pretend contract. Good Luck to each of you.......

1st Period - click on the pictures to see the gallery. Click the pictures. 

7th Period