This is a video is of the Adv. Computer class flying solo. They are wiring a “Sound Scooper” project by themselves. They told me they were ready for the training wheels to come off. The students are following a schematic drawing to wire up the electronic boards. They are learning how to read the schematic drawing without instructions by following the codes and diagrams.

The Advance Computer class is learning how to use Bread-Boards in their basic electrical class. Their goad is to have a better understanding of how electricity flows and the usage of different resistors to slow down the current as not to burn up an LED.


Q. Williams playing the electric drums.

The Advance Computer class is learning about electricity and how it flows. They are wiring different modules to create games.

The Zoo - Q. Williams, Kellar Otts, Caleigh Moorhead, Noah Marquis, Kayla Clark, Megan Thomas, Anna Dill, Natalie Jenkins, and Griff Black.

Stop Animation movie - Football 18-19 Abbi Bowen, Kassi Bowen, Will Floyd, and Jian Galas. 

Advance Computer Class - 2018 - 2019 

Pencil Animation: 


Getting ready for our Robotic Competition - May 3, 2018 in the Gym. The Advance Computer has to make a scooter using Tetrix. 

Scooter for Tetrix.jpg

The Advance Computer class is working on basic electric kits. Learning how to wire sensors, LEDs, sound boxes, switches, tilt switches, and push buttons. 

Pencil Animation 2017 

Madeline Price - Cheer Pencil Animation Project 

Stop Animation - 5th Period Team #2 - Meredith Wessel, Lindsey Steadman, Live Price, and Madeline Price - The Elephant Escape 


Instructor: Claire Condon Marquis

2017-2018 School Year

Advance Computer - Paul O'Neal, Riley Smith, and Cody Lack - Pencil Animation 

Getting ready for Stop Animation: Lindsey Steadman, Meredith Wessel, Liv Price, and Madeline Price. 

Stop Animation Projects 

2016-2017 School year 

Mathew Rogers, Bryan Taylor, Bryce Chenault, and Anna Marlow - Stop Animation - Bayou Academy's Monster Truck Rally 

The Great Escape/ The Duck Movie: Brooke Morrill, Jillian Sbravati, Nat Jones, and Caitlin Watson

Firetruck Rescue: Tristan Mosley, Timothy Steadman, Parker McNeer, and Tayden Burrell

These are the Pencil Animations that were created by the Advanced Computer Class. The animations are about the sports here at Bayou Academy....enjoy.....

John Thomas Aycock - Basketball 

Carley Peden - Cheerleading

Ana Parker Davis - Cheerleading

Nat Jones - Easter Egg 

Timothy Steadman - Track 

Parker McNeer - Tennis